I help career mom's recovering from BED to reach their personal and professional goals through a tailor-made leadership based career and wellness plan that remove obstacles and elevates them to their true potential.

My Story

After years of hearing my women friends struggle to love their bodies and share their gifts, I was compelled to find a way to help them see how beautiful they were and capable inside and out. The more of them that flowed into my office, kitchen and worksites I realized how much they truly needed to be empowered in their abilities to lead, love their bodies and acknowledge their contributions to their families, workplaces and communities. I also recognized that I could totally relate. I began a journey of self-healing after experiencing domestic violence in my hetero marriage, coming out in my thirties, workplace harassment, complex trauma and an eating disorder. With my professional experience in risk management, leadership and occupational health and safety I decided the next steps would be to earn certifications in Integrative Nutrition, yoga and reiki to help the women I loved and respected get out of the shadow of their trauma and doubts and INTO THEIR LIGHT! I am blessed to work with women like you through a supportive coaching approach that gives you ample resources, approaches, and guidance to assist in healing both your relationship with food and your body.


Disordered eating and body image always seemed to be at the forefront of what prevented me from achieving what I wanted. Either I felt not good enough, or my body wasn’t good enough YET, the diet of the minute I was working on was all I had time for, my social life was dictated by meals and exercise plans, on bad days, binging on the couch with my favourite foods may overtake my desire to want to participate in activities with friends and family. Mood swings, digestive health issues and mental health unsteadiness plagued my daily life. Once I realized that my eating disorder was making all of this happen I vowed to stop hurting myself, punishing myself for the “bad” food, perceived laziness and simple constant feeling of inadequacy near starvation was making me feel.

So ladies here’s the thing: most of us struggle to see ourselves with our flaws and still feel worthy, relevant and beautiful. The work I do helps to unwind the stories you have been telling yourself or have been told about yourself, change the narrative and pursue your deepest desires. I am efficient, focused and determined to help you succeed with a process that identifies the issues, proposes solutions in the form of action, gives measurable objectives with follow-up and continual review.

My Skills

michelle lauren headshot
  • Certified Occupational Safety and Health Practitioner

    Red River College, Winnipeg MB, 12 Years

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

    Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, New York

  • Certified Training Manager Director

    Langevin Learning Services, Ottawa ON, 10 Years

  • Reiki Student

    Member of the Canadian Reiki Association Registration #20-162

  • Yoga Student

    Yoga Teacher in Training - 500 hours