I’m Michelle Lauren and I help women take control of their lives through healthy nutrition, balanced lifestyle and personal and professional development.

I am a nutritionist with a background in leadership development and risk management. I have also experienced life through the lens of a single parent. I help women heal their mind, body and soul through food, lifestyle improvements and boatloads of love and empathy. I recognize the challenges we as women face at home and in the workplace. Our relationships, spirituality, careers, families, emotional wellness, physical health and mental well-being all play in integral role in our overall happiness. I am here to support and nurture my clients in achieving their goals.

As a mother and career person I have to admit that life has not always been healthy. I have moved through domestic abuse, divorce, family adversity, career upset and community upheaval. I have made difficult decisions and kept my eye on my goals. Life is not always rosey but with the right vision, a belief in myself (or others that believe in me when it’s too tough to do for myself) I have managed to achieve a life I am proud to role model for other women and in particular the two little humans I have been gifted with raising.

I never imagined I would have the opportunity to be healthy enough to work for myself. Here I am achieving my own vision and I would like to help you do the same. My secret…it all started with nutrition.

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