This is a free 30 minute consult that can be done in person, over the phone or through video conferencing. This allows you, the potential client, the opportunity to share what you would like to work on while interviewing me in the process. This provides me the ability to assess if I am able to provide you the support you are looking for and allows you to decide if I am the right person to help you achieve your desired outcomes. In this meeting we will do a health history together. I will forward the paperwork for our meeting before the session so that we can use all of our time together to our advantage.

These 50-minute sessions will be used to support the goals you identified in our initial meeting. We will create actions plans with measurable objectives together for your success. This is where we get into the real work and keep you focused. In these sessions we will focus on nutrition, relationships, finances, spirituality, career and anything else you want to work on. It is important that I emphasize that your health is not just a state of what you eat. Everything counts and I want to help you succeed so we must do it all and do it well!

Includes introductory meeting, weekly or bi-weekly 50 minute coaching sessions to stay on track with your goals, access to yours truly via text or email for those tough moments, kitchen purging and reset, and one goal appropriate gift. I recommend this program for anyone with specific goals. It takes time to change our habits to maintain sustainable results. Six months is a sufficient amount of time to work on a few objectives and to create confidence in being able to move forward. My commitment to my clients is to implement healthy habits for a lifetime of health and happiness.

Starts by getting the things that do not nourish you out of your kitchen and making a recommended list of what to stock up on. Depending on your needs an additional shopping advisory service can be added.

Can be purchased in 60 minute blocks. Today’s families are incredibly busy and running to the drive-thru has become a way of life for too many. If you are looking for a meal plan this is for you. If you are looking to change your habits and learn to cook things that you can enjoy alone, with your family or friends for a lifetime of  health, then this is for you. I can even work with the whole family to create harmony and efficiency in the kitchen. Getting your partner, children, or roommates involved is encouraged. Everyone benefits and it can also be incredibly fun to take on together.

Sometimes it can be difficult to make things happen on your own. I understand this. Some clients have shown interest in sharing a program. Although I advise it is better to face some of your goals one on one, I support you in getting to where you need to be. This can save you on the cost of a program as well as provide you with an accountability partner outside of your coach. This program is great for couples, friends, parent child, colleagues or any other duo you can come up with.

I am available for corporate wellness initiatives as well. If you have an employee assistance program that you are looking to enhance, leadership development strategies that need creation and implementation, I can help. This is the second chapter of my business development. Stay tuned for more on the subject.

Budgetary Constraints

I understand that not all people are able to access coaching services. I have made it my mission to support women in their journey to health. As I believe in giving back I am willing to take on a client that is working with a limited budget to help them meet their goals. This would require you to answer some questions about your story, what your goals are and why, references and a pay it forward commitment to help other persons in need. I will offer up the six-month program to this client with no financial commitment required. Health is precious and I don’t believe it is only for those who can afford it. As a single mother and domestic violence thriver I would like to give preference to women in a similar situation however don’t make this a reason to not contact me. I am willing to work with women of all sorts.


Don’t See What You Are Looking For

If you don’t see what you are looking for here just ask. I can tailor make any program for your specific requests. Having a coach is all about you. Ask and thou shall receive.



Contact me for prices on all of my available services or a tailor-made program of your choice.